What is NAS Storage and why it’s useful for your business?

What is NAS Storage and why it’s useful for your business?


NAS storage or Network attached storage is an economical way of storing files so that they can be accessed by other computers and laptops in your business. The NAS storage appliance will usually look like a compact cube and holds a certain number of hard drives or SSDs. This type of server is not usually connected to a display, mouse or keyboard and is configured via a browser on your computer. The appliance is then connected to the network via an ethernet cable. NAS appliances usually allow files to be backed up via the cloud so valuable information won’t be lost if you NAS stops working. For more information on cloud storage or hard drives and SSDs refer to our other articles on “Cloud storage” and “Hard drive or SSD”  https://aboutnetworks.com.au/2019/06/03/data-storage-ssd-or-hdd/

NAS storage is a viable alternative to Windows servers for many businesses and can save you money as there are generally no software licenses required. If you do not need to host Windows applications such as SQL Server, then a Linux-based NAS may be for you. Fast file browsing, low cost, high storage capacity, and integrated backup software make them an attractive option. Many NAS products include good antivirus and malware programs, self-repairing file systems and Windows Active Directory integration.

The NAS storage device we recommend is Synology. Synology Disk Stations are business-grade appliances, easy to manage, lower cost and consume less energy compared to traditional servers. If you would like more information about NAS or IT support for your business, please contact us.


Synology NAS Disk Station

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