NBN vs ADSL2+, what’s the difference?

As the years go on technology keeps improving. In 2010 the first NBN connect was trialed in Tasmania, since then it has expanded all around Australia improving people’s access to the internet. But what is NBN and how is it better than your current connection? These are questions that a lot of people are asking, and we are going to help you understand the positives and negatives on both sides.


What is an internet connection? An internet connection or internet access is the ability your computer to connect to online services such as email, banking, and other sites on the world wide web. This technology is usually provided by a subscription-based service from your ISP. You may be connected to ADSL, NBN or Wireless internet depending on availability in your area.


NBN stands for a national broadband network. NBN is a wholesale, national network, created by the Australian government. It was designed to “future proof Australian household internet access”. To do this, this network uses generally uses fiber optic cables which are faster than ordinary copper cables used by ADSL2+. This allows a huge speed benefit over ADSL2+. ADSL stands for Asymmetric digital subscriber line, and was designed to allow internet access over copper lines. There were designed for phone calls and not internet access.


Price is also an aspect that needs to be considered. NBN costs are usually higher on average than ADSL, but it includes faster speeds than ADSL which is limited to 24mbs. Nevertheless, with NBN infrastructure growing at fast clip prices are dropping quickly.


To summarise, your internet connection depends on availability in on the availability in your area. If you have the choice, NBN is the clear winner here for its speed and future-proofing, and it should become cheaper as competition increases

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