iPhone vs Android – A business perspective (PART 1: The history behind Apple and Android)

Since smartphones were invented in 1995, the phone industry has been extremely competitive with manufacturers trying to push the boundaries of technology to try and get the upper hand of their competitors. In 2007 when the first iPhone was announced, the idea of a smartphone was reinvented by Apple. This led to companies quickly trying to push out new phones to rival Apple. One of those companies was Google. Google created a new, soon to be a very popular mobile phone operating system called Android. This was created to be a direct rival to Apple’s “IOS” operating system. Little did everyone know, Android would become the most popular phone OS in the world.


Skipping ahead to the present it can be seen, since then Android is the main operating system on many widely known companies’ mobile devices, such as Samsung, LG, and HTC. This means when comparing iPhone to Android, there is a lot of devices to take into consideration. On the other hand, Apple’s “IOS” is exclusive to its own devices. Android being open source, allowed developers to easily take advantage of the OS. Furthermore, Android now has over 2 billion users worldwide.


Looking back, Apple has shaped the way customers and companies view the smartphone. Later, Android took the market over by allowing companies to use their software. Which attracted millions of users to use their mobile platform



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