iPhone vs Android – A business perspective (PART 2: Features and Software Support)


Whether to buy an iPhone or Android is a widely debated topic so which is better? This depends on your budget and the feature set and support required by your business. Ease of use is also an important variable to consider as the latest technology can be complex to understand for inexperienced users. These factors will influence your choice of operating system.

iPhones are easy to use and have great software support. Apple IOS is very easy to learn and has been continually refined over the past 10 years. There is also a wide range of programs available in the App Store. The iPhone is a great phone for businesses requiring a simple to operate, good-looking phone.

Android phones come in many variations to suit every budget from under $200 to the top of the range Samsung models. Androids phones are able to run more third-party programs due to the open source nature of the Android operating system. These phones also support a wide range of sensors such as thermometers and inclinometers, making them popular for industrial and technical use. The main downside is that the Android experience is not as polished and consistent as Apple. Overall Android phones are a great choice for specialist and general businesses, especially if low cost is important, but can have a steeper learning curve.



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