iPhone vs Android – A business perspective (Part 3: Price vs Performance)

Price vs Performance is a factor that always should be considered when comparing two products. It allows the customer to get the best deal for their money and understand what they are purchasing. Now looking at iPhone vs Android, it is clear that Android offers an overall better “bang for the buck”.

A prime example of this is the manufacturer Oppo, running the Android-based ColorOS. Oppo phones are quite cheap for the performance, as they offer flagship processors and specs for a fraction of the price. Comparing this to an iPhone, Oppo wins every time as an iPhone can be 5 times the price of an Oppo, and ColorOS offers a somewhat Apple-like experience.

Another manufacturer One Plus also produces budget-friendly phones that are much cheaper than iPhone and are of comparable quality.

Why is this? you may ask. The main reason is that the Android operating system is open source and used by many different manufacturers, this allows them to be made cheaper as there is competition between companies. Apple IOS, in contrast, is only available on Apple hardware allowing them to set higher prices. In addition, a lot of cheaper Android phones are made with materials of lower standards such as plastic, compared to ceramic on some of the high-end iPhones. This is because Apple wants to maintain its high-quality standard. Therefore, generally, Android phones offer a better price vs performance due to better specification for a lower price, albeit with different user experience, and often but not always combined with lower quality components.

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