Power Automate (Microsoft Flow)


Microsoft Flow, recently renamed Power Automate, is a powerful workflow engine inside the 365 Suite that allows you to automate tasks and processes, streamline software development, and integrate disparate data sources.

These programs, called Flows, run at scheduled times or in response to certain events. Power Automate makes your life easier by completing repetitive tasks such as data input and collection. One example of this is collecting feedback on your products from customers, via email. Power automate could do this and then collate the reviews into many different categories which would help the company understand what users like and dislike about their product.

How about copying email attachments from certain senders and putting them into their own folder on the server. If you use a custom inspection platform such as iAuditor you can get that data into your business using Power Automate. Do you have a staff training spreadsheet and need to alert employees before their certifications expire? Create a Flow to do it. Need to retrieve sensor data and get it into Excel automatically? These are some of the projects we have completed for our customers using Power Automate.

In conclusion, Microsoft Flow’s automation and integration capabilities can boost your productivity in surprising ways. Contact us if you have any questions or require assistance and we will be happy to help





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