New Sunshine Coast International submarine cable project


The Sunshine coast submarine cable project is the placement of a fiber-optic cable from Maroochydore to Asia and the USA. This will deliver download speeds of 36 terabits per second to Queensland.

Singaporean telecommunications company RTI Connectivity is the technology companion of the Sunshine Coast Council’s $35 million-dollar operation to provide higher speed and more bandwidth to Australia. The cable is 550 kilometers long and connects to a pre-existing submarine cable from Japan to Sydney. The cable then connects to Guam and China, allowing Australia’s fastest connection to the Chinese mainland and the second fastest to the USA.

Currently, Australia’s average internet speed is 35 megabits per second, however, the global average is 58 megabits per second, placing Australia in the 62nd place in the world. The addition of this new cable should help improve the nation’s current internet speeds. “It really is an important piece of enabling infrastructure that sets up our region beautifully for the future,” Cr Jamieson stated. Also stating that “I encourage all of the entrepreneurs and people focused on the digital technology sector to make the Sunshine Coast their home and to utilize this truly impressive piece of kit to differentiate our economy for the future.”.

The new connection should be ready for operation in mid-2020.

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