Email threats in 2020

Email threats in 2020

In today’s technologically advanced world, your email is more vulnerable than ever before. Without adequate precautions, you and your business are potentially exposed to fraud, spoofing, and social engineering. If this happens your money or identity may be stolen, your data encrypted, and your reputation damaged. 

The main attacks include but not are limited to; Spam: huge amounts of unwanted messages, Malware: malicious software that breaches your computer and causing damage, Data Exfiltration: data being stolen without anyone’s notice, Phishing: Emails tricking the user into believing the sender is someone else (generally of high status or trusted) and Impersonation: an attack where the person is pretending to be someone else.

What is the cost of these attacks? Currently, these attacks cost US businesses $1.2 billion US dollars per year. This is expected to get worse as Gartner (2020) predicts that “Through 2023, BEC attacks will continue to double each year to over $5 billion and lead to large financial losses for enterprises.” It is clear that action needs to be taken now to reduce threats as far as possible

Strengthening your email security is a vital step to prevent these attacks. Enterprise email systems such as Microsoft 365 and G Suite have sophisticated built-in detection and prevention measures. For other email systems hardware devices knows as Gateways are recommended to harden your business email. 

Backups of email and data are critical to ensure you can recover from any attacks that eventuate. For more information or assistance with your enterprise email contact our office.





Campbell, A. (2020). eBook: 13 email threat types to know about right now. [online] Journey Notes. Available at: [Accessed 19 May 2020].


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