SSD prices dropping rapidly, time to buy?

SSD prices dropping rapidly, time to buy?

Over the three years the price drop in SSDs has been noticed by potential buyers all around the world. However, is now the time to buy? The simple answer is yes, but it depends on your circumstances. In 2017 the Samsung 860 EVO 500gb SSD costed around $170 USD on amazon, the following year in 2018, the same SSD was $72 USD (Center and SSD Prices Continue to Fall, 2020). This trend was common throughout all SSD prices. In 2020 these prices have remained the same or similar to ones recorded in 2018. But why choose a SSD and not a mechanical HDD, you may ask?

Solid State Drives operate by using integrated circuits to store data persistently, much like a USB thumb drive. Consequently, SSDs are faster, smaller, and usually very reliable. Unlike SSDs, hard drives store data on spinning metal platters and utilises a read/write arm to access the information in a similar fashion to a record player resulting in larger size, higher power consumption, reduced speed and mechanical parts that wear out.

In summary, if you are looking to upgrade your employee’s computers because they are slow or becoming older, an SSD is a great choice to keep up with new programs without splashing cash on new devices. However, if you are looking at SSDs for mass data storage or file servers, they may still not be the best option. This is a result of HDDs being cheaper for the equivalent capacity. Nevertheless, if you want to future proof, now would not be a bad time to purchase fast SSD storage. 

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